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Taproot is an activated Bitcoin softfork designed to improve scripting and multisignature capabilities.

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How do you construct witness stack and controlblock in P2TR Script Path outputs?

I have been documenting how to create different types of Tx outputs here, leveraging the Bitcoin Core Test Framework. Particularly for Taproot, I'm working on a scenario of a P2TR Script Path with a ...
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How to extract the internal key of a simple P2TR address?

Is it possible to extract the taproot internal key out of a P2TR address?
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What is this || notation in BIP 341?

SHA256(SHA256(tag) || SHA256(tag) || x) What is the || notation? Is this the conjunction of the different elements? Bitwise OR? or modulus?
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Inconsistent behavior testing Taproot Workshop - Section: 0.2 Elliptic Curve Math

Workshop link: In the section 0.2.4 Programming Exercise: Distributivity of scalar operations we implement the following code: a_key = ECKey().set(a) ...
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Why isn't the taproot deployment buried in Bitcoin Core?

Bitcoin Inquisition recently had a PR about soft fork activation and as part that PR, it buries taproot and references a closed PR to Bitcoin Core to bury taproot. Will the taproot deployment be ...
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Validation of segwit v0-v1 tx automatically adds OP_CHECKSIG?

When I create a segwit transaction v0 (P2WPKH) or v1 (P2TR key-path spend) I do like that (let's spend a P2TR output): Locking Script (of the P2TR output I'm spending): OP_1 PK_size PK Witness: 1 (...
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How can I create a multi sign for a large number of users

I want to create a DAO-like wallet where each member would have to sign for any given tx. Tx should go through if 51% of the users signed. Is this possible?
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Is tweak used when spending from script path for Taproot?

I understand that a taproot output can be either spent using key path or script path. With key path, a tweak is applied to the private key and then sign the sighash. The signature is provided as a ...
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What Policy does the Liana wallet use? Why would I use this Policy?

I was looking at Wizardsardine's Liana wallet repo (beta software). What is the Policy and associated Miniscript that is used by this wallet? Why would I use this Policy? What is fixed and what is ...
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A good wallet for Taproot multisig?

Sparrow only has Taproot single sig, and it is based on Xpub, which is a hodgepodge duct tape method combining pre-taproot and taproot. Electrum zero Taproot. When asked "wen Taproot" ...
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Why weren’t Inscriptions possible before taproot by just using OP_RETURN to store the data?

With the recent rise of Inscriptions using the script in the taproot input, why wasn't this possible previously just using OP_RETURN? What is special about the taproot upgrade that made this feasible ...
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Why is it a bug that a Taproot tree allows a Tapleaf to be repeated on multiple levels of the tree?

On the bitcoin-dev mailing list Russell O'Connor stated: There is a bug in Taproot that allows the same Tapleaf to be repeated multiple times in the same Taproot, potentially at different Taplevels ...
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Can any Script opcode be used in the witness program, or only specific ones?

I was wondering, can one use an OP_RETURN in the witness script? If not, why not? Also, how could I figure this out from reading Bitcoin Core source? I looked at this file, and it wasn't quite clear ...
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Why CHECKMULTISIG bug can't be solved?

I was reading Mastering Bitcoin and I read about a bug in CHECKMULTISIG. If the starting ideas of this command should work like this <Signature B><Signature C> M <Public key A><...
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What is the maximum number of taproot transactions that can be mined in a single block?

If all transactions in a block were spending one p2tr output using the key-path spend and sending to a p2tr output, how many of these transactions could we fit in a single block?
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