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For questions about Bitcoin Core's pruning feature.

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Consequences of turning on pruning setting in Bitcoin core after initial block download

I have been running full node without specifying the pruning settings in bitcoin.conf. I was wondering if I need to re-download the entire blockchain if I restart my node after turning on pruning ...
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Can I delete blk*.dat files?

Since bitcoin validates blockchain by the hash of older blocks recursively; Can I just keep the last blk*.dat file and delete the rest while the bitcoin core is downloading and validating the ...
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Why is witness data downloaded during IBD in prune mode?

Why do pruned nodes download (segregated) witness data during IBD if much of that data is marked as Assumevalid? These nodes seem to be downloading witness data just to prune it. Since we already know ...
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Creating a pruned node from an archiving node

Suppose I have an archiving full node (i.e. a full node where all blocks are saved to disk forever) running on one of my computers. Now suppose I have another computer where I'd like to run a separate ...
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Why is there a need to flush the UTXO set when you prune blk*.dat and rev*.dat files during ibd?

As I understand, when Bitcoin Core has pruning turned on, it will flush the dbcache when it prunes unnecessary blk*.dat and rev*.dat files during ibd. In, it states: &...
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Does pruning during IBD reduce the ability to utilize the dbcache fully?

I'm running IBD on a machine with 8GB ram with prune=550 and dbcache=7000 and noticing that memory usage is not going above ~880mb. Seems unusual and I assume it's related to pruning. I found a ...
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What happens if I enable blockfilterindex on an already pruned and synced node?

What happens if I enable blockfilterindex on a pruned node that is already synced to tip? Am I able to do this? Does it essentially trigger another IBD to build the filters? Is the node usable / fully ...
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Skip IBD on pruned node?

I'm trying to run a light bitcoind node for testing purposes on mainnet, with minimum startup time. ./bin/bitcoind \ -prune=550 \ -txindex=0 \ -assumevalid=...
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How to check NODE type in Bitcoin?

There is a Bitcoin node in my Lab, how can I check it is a Full node or not? there is any command to check node type?
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How to delete old scanned block while maintaining the use of A '-txindex' option?

We are crypto-wallet developers. And we've been maintaining a Bitcoin full node for a long time. But nowadays, our disk usage is almost full. And we are trying '-prune' mode, but prune mode is ...
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Trusting only the proof of work to receive payments

I understand that a pruned node needs to download all the blockchain in order to verify the blocks and construct the UTXO set. But wouldn't be possible to download the headers only? Let's say if the ...
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How to configure a testnet node to be pruned?

I have a testnet VM node running. As I have only limited resources, I did set pruned=1000 in the bitcoin.conf file, so the blockchain is pruned down to 1GB. But when I run bitcoind and it downloads ...
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Pruning mode in Bitcoin Blockchain [duplicate]

How can a node chose to use pruning mode where it can discard uneeded transactions history after validation is complete?
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Pruning Blockchain and creating multi wallets

I am trying to determine if I could use pruning blockchain option on my future bitcoin node or not. I will create a multiple wallets by RPC calls and I need to be able to check the history of ...
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How do I switch a pruned node to "neutrino mode"?

According to Lightning Lab's documentation, Bitcoin Core can be run in "neutrino mode" to serve block data without storing transactions. I've been running Bitcoin Core in pruning mode and ...

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